PT-HF Series Vacuum Furnaces are ProTech Thermal Service's most popular and highly purchased Vacuum Furnace. The PT-HF Vacuum Furnace is a horizontal, cylindrical front-loading vacuum furnace. All ProTech vacuum furnaces are designed to satisfy the request of ou customer's heat-treating needs. The amount of workspace, hearth design, hot zone design, and much more are dependent on the need of the customer and will be accommodated as such. The load hearths of our furnaces are comprised of either molybdenum rods and beams or graphite tracks with ceramic rods for ultimate strength and durability. All ProTech's Vacuum Furnaces possess the ability to operate in temperatures as high as 3000°C while maintaining a possible 10 -6 Torr atmosphere. The components of our Vacuum Furnaces are manufactured and assembled in house at ProTech's state of the art facility. With the contribution of our engineering, parts and manufacturing departments, ProTech Thermal Services can build new replacement or rebuild preexisting Vacuum Furnaces for any application in the industry. Our aftermarket support is available to any customer for maintenance and ongoing repairs of broken or non-efficient parts caused over time.