protech Thermal Services

is a California Corporation in business since 1998. We provide a wide range of solutions for many makes and models of industrial heat treating equipment. ProTech manufactures Vacuum, Atmosphere and Retort Furnaces, as well as Rebuilt and Replacement Hot Zones, to meet our customer's needs. A variety of thermal process equipment services are offered: upgrades to instrument control systems, laboratory calibrations, on site calibrations, and on site temperature uniformity surveys. Our parts department supplies materials and furnace components, such as alloy baskets, alloy and molybdenum work grid, insulation, thermocouples and alloy retorts are also available.

Our website provides an overview of the types of products and services we offer as an aftermarket . If you are looking for something specfic, please give us a call and we will gladly fulfill all your thermal processing needs.

Parts ///

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One of our biggest departments is our parts department. We can manufacture, maintain, and service any heat treat equipment for their customers. With our highly efficient parts department, any part, service or repair can be met while keeping costs low. Our aftermarket support can adhere and benefit any customer within the heat treat industry

Hot Zones ///


ProTech Thermal Services manufactures new replace and/or rebuilt Hot Zones with to the specifications and requirements of the customer. Protech first began building hot zones in the early years of the company. Over time our capabilities expanded into servicing all needs of a customers heat treat needs.

Service ///


We offer a wide range of products and services in order to fully meets the thermal needs of any customer. Along with our full scale parts and manufacturing deparments, ProTech offers professional on and offsite services for maintainence, calibration and installation of any thermal products including vacuum furnaces, hot zones and much more.

Equipment ///


ProTech Thermal Services manufactures and rebuilds many heat treating furnaces. With our inhouse engineering, parts, and manufacturing departments we possess the necessary means to manufacture furnaces to fit our customers specific heat treating needs. A small list of some of the furnaces we can manufacture or rebuild are as follows but are not limited to